Hotel Art inn Namba

We elaborate our methods in every detail to provide services with the utmost comfortable atmosphere from the customers’ point of view (not like the non-heart-felt one in the center of the urban cities). In addition, our hostel is just in front of Namba station, one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan, which has attracted many tourists.

The fashionable exterior designed by a sophisticated designer, the interior giving the impression of cleanliness, many of substantial amenities, the stable wi-fi and the concierges around the clock.

We do not underrate normal service, and each one of our staff always tries to provide thoughtful services and give the feeling of attractiveness of our stylish facilities, which can be worthy of “Art Inn”, in order to establish relaxing space and time of a higher level. We are prepared to let you feel the fascination of this city, with equipment and materials and the intangibles.


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